Pensées post-Covid

Par Michael Robertson, High Perspective, Locust Hill, Ontario (seulement en anglais)

To fly or not to fly, that was and is the Covid question. Of course, each individual and school must make their own decisions according to their beliefs. Here’s what we did in 2020 and our rationale. This year will be similar, with Ontario’s lock-down situation just easing up now. Those who flew in 2020 felt good about it, as did I. Some chose not to. We started mid-June this year, 2021.

As the field dried up last year, the season could have begun in early April. By mid-May many were itching to get in the air and a healthy debate ensued. With much of the GTA in lockdown, even tho’ we felt sure at least solos could be flown relatively safely, we were observing the protocols; we decided to wait. We didn’t want the sport (or us) to appear cavalier. We also considered the possibility of stressing the over-loaded health care system in the unlikely event of an accident requiring emergency medical attention. Then, of course, who would want to be exposed to the risk of going to a Covid – infested hospital? No-o-o-body.

When the golf courses opened and the curve flattened around June 10th (’20) we started taking bookings. As I sit here watching a gaggle of Turkey Vultures climb out in a boisterous thermal, I feel the freedom and exhilaration we feel when we fly. That freedom is good for us and our immune system. It’s the opposite of fear, which especially during Covid, is bad for us. Along with a strong immune system, Vitamin D (take with Zinc) has proved to be effective for prevention and mitigation of symptoms if C-19 is contracted.

Valuing the natural way, our family has been eating well and trying to think positively for many years. My youngest daughter’s mantra is ‘Trust, Joy, Ease and Magic.’ We learn lots from our kids…and grandkids. How is it they are so much smarter than we were? I guess it augers well for the future.

The days ahead are certainly shrouded from clear view. We like to imagine a beautiful future for our grandchildren; and their children who will have difficulty remembering war so long will they have lived in peace. Wondering why people would live in fear and spawn hate when their paradise of a planet is bathed in love. Change is guaranteed. Which way we will go is debatable. The popular mainstream news is negative, often false and should probably be avoided. We can choose to be positive.

There is lots of evidence to support this view too. Over a billion square km of ocean are now protected around the globe. The Blue whale is back. Pipelines are in big trouble. Renewable energy and electric vehicles are huge growth industries. Oil is dead or, at least, dying. Monsanto is losing. Organic is winning. Trees are being planted by the billions. Worldwide virtual meditations on peace and love gather tens of thousands at a sitting. Consciousness is rising. People everywhere are waking up. For good news stories, check out The Age of Aquarius is no longer dawning; it’s here, with a prophesy promising 1000 years of peace. Hallelujah!

I’ve always felt flying and the new age were connected. Bala E’d from Lumby the other day, “I often joke that the decline of hang gliding tracks the decline of civilization perfectly. I think there is some truth to that.” Yes; so, as we see civilization wake up, we can expect HGing to revive. We’re the ideal sport to accompany carbon reduction. Go green, eh.

And go good times; as flying lifts our spirits literally and figuratively. We sometimes take it for granted. Tandems remind us. Tandem participants across the country rave about their experience(s); offering profuse thanks for providing the service. It’s such a joy to see those happy faces in glum times. My days of flying tandems are almost over. Still, I get a vicarious thrill being on the winch. Here’s a link to the ’76 movie Skyriders with some really early tandems, Hollywood style Enjoy 😊 The WW team did a great job flying the stunts and were accompanied by some good actors and acting.

I expect the same in 2021 and hope that this pusillanimous pandemic allows us to enjoy and share the air. Sunny skies and steady up to you and yours this season. Get high, go far, be safe. Michael OBE (Old Bald Eagle😊)